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Happy New Year 2015: New Stickers, Gift Cards, Calendar and Other Shit

Dear fans,

The year 2014 was full of awesomeness, surprises and mayhem; especially for Shitexpress and all the people involved in this business. Thank you very much for your support and interest in our services!

Wish you to have the sweetest, marvelous, wonderful, successful and great year ahead - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

As we promised to bring new features on regular basis, we are glad to announce new stickers, gift cards and calendar. Don't forget to check the blog again in a few days, because there will be a second giveaway!


Let 2015 be the year of peace, understanding and compassion. There are 7.3 billion people in the world; not everybody is perfect. Let's start to be nice to everyone. Have compassion for those who have anger and hate issues. Smile, be polite, care about the others. Otherwise, we'll have loads of work and we'll be quickly out of horse manure again.

Change your desktop wallpaper or print the calendar and put it on the wall!

Year 2015 Calendar

Year 2015 Calendar: Peace, Understanding, Compassion

Download HQ Calendar (1920x1200)

Gift Cards

Care about your friends and family, provide them with original gifts - give them chance to send a box filled with horse poop to someone they dislike (hope it won't be you!). There are currently 3 versions of Shitexpress gift card:

Gift Card, 1st variant

Gift Card, 1st variant

Gift Card, 2nd variant

Gift Card, 2nd variant

Gift Card, 3rd variant

Gift Card, 3rd variant

You can buy these lovely gift cards for as low as $18.95!

Please fill the form and pay via PayPal. The gift card will be sent to you by email in 24 hours.



We added four stickers: 2015, Chinese year of goat, a cat taking a poop, and a "dislike" emoticon.


You can find them among the other stickers on the homepage, after clicking on the Order Now button.

Have a nice time sending shit to people around the world. We secured more than 1 ton of horse manure, so there won't be any shortages in 2015.

Don't forget to check the blog again in a few days - there is a second giveaway coming!

P.F. 2015


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