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Christmas Horse Poop Gift Card: An Original Present For Your Friends and Family

Hey, do you hear Santa Claus knocking on your front door? He's going to give you the most original gifts, specifically chosen and ordered with love by your beloved friends and family.

What are you going to order from Santa Claus for them this year?

Well, in case you want to give someone the most original present you could think of, we prepared someting special - a beautiful horse poop gift card with a personalized message. Ho ho ho, that's going to be the best Christmas surprise this year!

Printable gift card, an original present for your beloved friends and family

Printable gift card, an original present for your beloved friends and family

You can buy this lovely gift card for as low as $18.95!

Please fill the form and pay via PayPal. The gift card will be sent to you by email.


OK - not only your friends and family deserve to reveal the strees by sending anonymous box of shit to someone... You are also very important to us!

We added two special Christmas stickers: Christmas tree and Santa Claus.


You can find them among the other stickers on, after clicking on the Order Now button.

Ho ho ho,
I hope you'll enjoy this Christmas as much as we will! :-)


Santa's Shit Coordinator

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