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Video: Sending Gluten-Free Shit To Online Scammers In Nigeria

United States government report in 2006 indicated that Americans lost $198.4 million to Internet fraud in 2006, averaging a loss of $5,100 per incident.

Online scam is a serious problem. Having strong negative impact on economy, many victims also suffer a severe emotional and psychological cost, such as losing their ability to trust people.

If you are the lucky one who hasn't stumbled upon a scammer yet, just open your spam / junk mailbox and watch their work. However, scammers use various psychological techniques and try to cover their real intentions. It's very likely that you will find their emails in regular inbox. They will be trying to gain confidence by behaving like old friends.

Something similar happened to Ben. Luckily, he is smart; he employed a strong online instrument and fought against the scammer.

Watch the first part of his video:

Did the Nigerian scammer finally receive the "camera"?
Watch the second part:

Has something similar happened to you?
Let us know -- we might make another good story out of it!

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